letter to a writer

Dear writer,

The nature of writing is both powerful and challenging. From within yourself, you possess experiences and knowledge, curiosity and complexity that serve as fodder for the most impressive creative writing. You have the ability to produce lyrical prose, evocative stories, humorous tales, and an endless array of literature that contributes to our human experience. It is a blessing that you may utilize your talent through the art of writing.

Dear writer, throw yourself into the community of dreamers. Write from the heart, write from experience, write despite the fear of failure. Be released from your inner, canonical judge, the one who says you have to be a Hawthorne or Fitzgerald, an Alcott or an Austen.

Instead spill the words onto the page and hope that they touch just one soul. Experiment using different voices, different points of view, and toy with different styles. Write about things that create discomfort–shame, insecurity, sex and loneliness–anything that you instinctively ignore but constitutes the very fabric of the human experience!

And when you’re exhausted, go to sleep. Go to sleep so that you may awake to a new sky of possibilities, brimming with word-filled clouds.